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General Liability Insurance in California

General Liability Insurance California
General Liability Insurance California

What is it?

General liability insurance helps businesses safeguard themselves from common risks.
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Who needs it?

This insurance can be helpful to everything from sole proprietorships and limited liability partnerships, to S corporations and C corporations.
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Bodily Injury CoverageProperty Damage CoveragePersonal Advertising Injury Coverage
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What is General Liability Insurance?

Most California businesses are exposed to some common liability risks, regardless of what industry and size. General liability insurance helps businesses safeguard themselves from some of these common risks.

General liability insurance is on of the most common commercial insurance coverages. Most businesses can benefit from purchasing the coverage, and it’s readily available from insurance companies.

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General Liability Insurance California

What California businesses should carry General Liability Coverage?

Many California businesses can benefit from the protections that general liability coverage provides. Businesses throughout the state and across all industries probably should consider this coverage.

Moreover, businesses broadly should consider general liability coverage regardless of their legal structure. This insurance can be helpful to everything from sole proprietorships and limited liability partnerships, to S corporations and C corporations.

What protections are included within General Liability Coverage?

General liability coverage provides multifold protection through several sub-coverages. The exact sub-coverages that are included in a general liability policy can vary, but they often include:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage: May protect against common accidents that result in third-party injuries
  • Property Damage Coverage: May protect against common accidents that result in damage to others’ property
  • Personal Advertising Injury Coverage: May protect against false advertising, slander and libel lawsuits

Bodily injury coverage might be limited to only incidents that occur on a business’ property, or it might include incidents that occur elsewhere.

Some general liability policies include additional protections, such as product liability coverage. These additional protections aren’t included as often as the above three ones are, and the additional protections can have low limits when they are provided.

Does General Liability Coverage protect against employee injuries?

General liability coverage normally doesn’t extend protection to employee injuries. The coverage usually only applies to third-party injuries, such as injuries that customers and vendors might sustain. Accidents involving alcohol also are frequently excluded, which can be a consideration for food service businesses and any business that hosts work parties.

Workers’ compensation is typically used to protect against common workplace injuries. Liquor liability coverage might be needed if customers or employees are served adult beverages. An broker who assists with general liability will also be able to help with these coverages.

General Liability Insurance California

Is General Liability Coverage available through package policies?

General liability coverage can be purchased on its own, but it’s more frequently obtained as part of a package policy that includes other coverages. Business owners policies and commercial package policies both usually include the coverage.

Business owners policies are basic package policies that  typically come with general liability coverage and a few other commonly needed coverages. Commercial package policies are much more robust and flexible, possibly combining general liability with a wide range of other protections.

An insurance broker who specializes in general liability coverage will be familiar with these package policies. They can help businesses determine which policy option makes the most sense in a particular situation.

How can businesses save on General Liability Coverage?

Bundling general liability coverage together with other coverages in a package policy is an easy way to potentially save on the coverage, especially considering that most businesses need other protections as well.

Businesses often also can save on general liability by comparing coverage options with an independent insurance broker. Because independent brokers aren’t connected with any one insurer, they can compare coverage protections and premiums across multiple companies.

How can California businesses get General Liability Insurance?

For help finding general liability insurance, contact the independent insurance brokers at Heffernan Walton Insurance. Our California brokers are well-versed in this coverage and other commercial coverages, and we’ll make sure you get the protection that your business needs.

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